Thursday 22 July 2021

New Chair Yoga Class

New Chair Yoga Class starting 10th September at Bollington Civic Hall

The class will be at 12.30pm - 1.30pm more details will follow soon but if you would like to register your interest for this class please email

This class is open for all and particularly for -

Those who would like to practice yoga but find floor based classes no longer suit them. 

Would like to start a yoga practice but find transitions up and down from the floor difficult.

Would like to improve sitting posture.

Would like to improve strength and balance.

Are looking for a way to safely improve mobility and flexibility.

Want to continue a yoga practice while recovering from an injury.

Want to continue with meditation and breath awareness practices from a chair

Want to learn some meditation and breath  awareness practices that can help promote mindfulness and reduce stress.

Want to practice yoga for the joy of it in a friendly group setting.