Wednesday 25 April 2018

Drawing Breath at Bollington Arts Centre

Very excited to be bringing this experiential workshop, blending yoga asana, breath awareness, meditation and mark-making to Bollington Arts Centre on Saturday 9th of June  2018 1.30 – 4pm.

cost £20 (including all materials and equipment)

This workshop is for doodlers, movers, breathers and the curious. No previous experience of yoga or mark-making necessary. All equipment will be provided.
The Drawing Breath workshop blends yoga asana and breath awareness with an exploration of drawing or rather mark making in a meditative, less directed, more doodley way.
Why say mark making rather than drawing
Most people (adults) will tell you they can’t draw even some artists will confess to this. It is of course rubbish, but they won’t believe you. So we call it mark making and every one can do this. We don’t begin with the idea that we are going to draw a particular this or that. We begin with the mark, how does it feel? What is the sensation of the pencil moving on the paper, does the hand and the arm sweep or jerk. Is the paper rough or smooth, how does the mark make you feel? What can you express with your marks?

What to expect
The workshop will be similar to a regular yoga class in many ways, after an initial introduction and settling in, the session will begin with simple breath awareness, with and without pencil. We will warm up the body with limbering postures and movements and in the same regard limber our mark making. Then progress to exploring standing and seated postures in movement and mark. Having some fun exploring our feelings and how it feels to make different postures in mark and movement. The session will end with meditation, a relaxing doodle and savasana (complete relaxation).

For those not used to drawing or doodling, don’t worry you will not be left with a blank piece of paper and not know ‘what to draw’ you will be guided just as you will be guided through the yoga asana. Within this there will of course be opportunity to express your individual self, in posture and in mark.