Monday 6 April 2020

Online Classes

Thanks to those who joined me on Friday Afternoon for my online test class it was lovely to see everyone and practice together.
I have set up two Zoom classes for this week  Tuesday 7th April at 7.15pm and Thursday 9th April at 10am.If you would like to join and have not yet received a link please let me know.

After the Holiday weekend I plan to offer 2 – 3 Zoom classes a week. Tuesday evening and Thursday Morning or Friday Afternoon.
You can also find classes on my private Facebook Group 'Yoga With Deborah Home Practice'.

A few of you have been asking to make a contribution for the classes and I would like to suggest this –
£5/class suggested (per household*) for those who still have their income.
Free to anybody with lost or reduced income due to the Virus.
Conversion of block classes cancelled - I cancelled class = 1.5 online classes.
A tick on your 5 class pass - 2 ticks = 3 online classes.

*Under 18’s (and older children & partners) practicing with you are free and welcome, but practice under your watchful eye. (I have to waive responsibility)

For your information both the Tuesday and Thursday blocks had 4 classes left to run when we stopped, so if you paid for the whole block you would get 6 online classes.

For more information email -