Saturday 28 July 2018

Newsletter July2018

Yoga with Deborah
Newsletter: July 2018

Hello Yogis and Yoginis,
As my regular classes are coming towards the summer break I just wanted to update you with the new dates for autumn and let you know what is left to come.
It will be the last Thursday class this week on the 19th and the last Tuesday class is next week on the 24th.
I am not going to be moving the Thursday class to another location for August as I mentioned in the last newsletter as there has not been enough interest to make it work.

The Friday class finishes this week with a special extended class:-
Friday Afternoon Yoga: End of term special with Yoga Nidra
Friday 20th July, at the usual drop in cost of £6.80.
This Friday is the last Friday Afternoon Yoga before the summer break so I am doing a slightly extended class to incorporate a 20-minute Yoga Nidra. The class is at 1.45pm – 3.15pm at the Civic Hall and everyone is welcome.
It may be a good opportunity for those who have prepaid classes (Tuesday and Thursdays) this current block to make up for missed sessions.

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep as it is sometimes referred to, is a deeply restful guided meditation technique practiced while laying comfortably in Savasana.

Dates for September
Tuesday Yoga next block
The change of location confirmed!
At Bollington’s Mother Nature Sanctuary, 7.30pm – 9pm
4th June – 9th October, six weeks for £37.50.
The drop-in price for this class of £7.30, booking will be necessary as spaces are limited, If you want to guarantee your space please sign up for a block of classes.

Thursday Yoga next block
Bollington Art Centre, Main Hall, 8pm – 9.30pm
6th September – 11th October six weeks for £37.50.
The drop-in price for this class of £7.30, booking is advisable as spaces are limited. If you want to guarantee your space please sign up for a block of classes.

Cross over classes for pre-paid blocks
For those of you who don’t already know if you miss one of your pre-paid classes you may make up the class (availability allowing) within the block dates by attending one of my other classes. Please just let me know in advance so I can make sure I have space in the class you would like to attend.
So if you have to miss, say a Tuesday class one week you could take a Tuesday and a Thursday or Friday the next week.
Or you can ask for a straight swap in any particular week.

Friday Afternoon Yoga
At Bollington Civic Hall, 1.45 – 3pm
7th of September – 21st December (no class on the 5th October and the 16th of November)
The drop-in price for this class is £6.80 or you can save and buy a 5 class pass for £30 (valid for 3 months, adjustments will be made to take in to account holidays)

Booking for any of these classes can be made in advance by e-mailing: or text or call me on 07772967746.
Payments can be made at the first class in a block, by cash or cheque or in advance by bank transfer, details on request.

Hope you all have a lovely summer break and keep on practicing,