Guidelines from Bollington Arts Centre



Purpose of these Guidelines

-          To safeguard all users of the Arts Centre.

-          To minimise the risk of transmission of Covid 19 at the Arts Centre.

-          To comply with current Government guidelines in respect of Covid 19.

Risk Analysis

A Risk Analysis has been carried out by the Arts Centre Management and a copy of this document is available at the Arts Centre.

The necessary control measures identified in the Risk Analysis have formed the basis of these Guidelines.

Attendance at the Arts Centre

(In line with Government Guidelines) please DO NOT ATTEND the Arts Centre if:

a.     You, any member of your household, or anyone you have had close contact with has, within the last 14 days, suffered from any of the symptoms of Covid 19 (i.e.: High temperature, an unexpected cough, a loss of sense of smell and/or taste).

b.     You have tested positive for Covid 19 (even if you are asymptomatic).

c.     You have been identified by the Government as ‘Clinically Extremely Vulnerable’ (you should be in receipt of a letter informing you of this).

All other individuals (including those identified as clinically vulnerable) may attend their designated classes if they so wish, provided they adhere to these Guidelines.

Casual visitors should NOT ATTEND the Arts Centre. If you are not participating in a scheduled class please do not enter the building. If you need to drop off/pick up someone who is attending a class then please do not remain on site during the class.

Class Timings and Capacities

In order to minimise the number of people inside the building at any one time it may be necessary to amend the timings and sizes of some classes.

Only the Main Hall will be open for classes. Other rooms (i.e. Pat Penney, Gallery, Green Room, Upstairs Office) will not be available for use. (This arrangement will be reviewed at the end of August).

Please adhere to any revised class timings. Do not arrive before the designated start time and ensure that you leave promptly at the designated end time. (A short break will be scheduled between all classes to avoid any additional congestion caused by overlaps).

Large classes may need to restrict numbers or consider splitting attendees.

Any changes to class timings and/or sizes will be agreed between the class and the Arts Centre Management.

Arriving at the Arts Centre

If possible please arrive on foot or by bicycle.

If you need to arrive by car then please take care not to exit and unload your vehicle whilst people at an adjacent vehicle are doing so. (Due to the limited number of parking spaces at the Arts Centre it is not practical to close any of the parking spaces).

Entering the Arts Centre

A ONE WAY system will operate at the Arts Centre. Please enter the building via the double doors to the Front Foyer and exit the building via the single door at the rear of the Main Hall.

Please sanitise you hands on entering the building. Sanitiser will be provided.

In the event of an emergency evacuation then all doors should be used as designated by the Fire Escape signage.


All attendees will be required to Register with the class/event leader. (This is to comply with Government Guidelines for track and trace processes).

Social Distancing in the Arts Centre

It is important to maintain a 2M distance between all users of the Arts Centre. This includes Tutors, Performers, Technicians etc, as well as class attendees.

Floors and/or tables will be marked with tape and signs to indicate areas where you may/may not sit, work or exercise.

Restricted numbers of chairs will be available in each of the rooms. (Please do not retrieve additional chairs from the store rooms).

In the event of an emergency (medical, fire, etc) then Social Distancing can be suspended. People providing assistance to others should pay particular attention to sanitisation measures immediately afterwards (e.g.washing hands, sanitising equipment).

Use of PPE at the Arts Centre

Due to the social distancing measures in place, the wearing of PPE is not compulsory, provided this is in line with Government Guidelines.

However, if you feel more comfortable then please feel free to wear gloves, face masks and/or visors. These will need to be provided by yourself and will not be available at the Arts Centre.

Use of Equipment at the Arts Centre

The chairs, tables, white boards, pianos, amplifiers, projectors, marker pens etc provided by the Arts Centre can be used by classes, but these must be sanitised at the start and end of the class. Sanitising fluid and cloths will be provided.

Any personal equipment (yoga mats, pens, artist’s materials, books, musical instruments etc) must be brought from home to the Arts Centre, remain in your personal possession and then be taken home at the end of the class.

Please do not share any equipment with others.

Refreshments at the Arts Centre

The bar area and the associated glasses, cups, crockery, cutlery and water heater will not be available for use.

The Green Room sink, kettle, cups, crockery, cutlery and microwave oven will also not be available for use.

Anyone wishing to have refreshments during their class should bring along their own drink and food and consume it at their workspace. (There should be no communal break times).

Toilet Facilities

The Gents upstairs and the Ladies at the rear of the building will be closed.

Gentlemen should use the facilities at the rear of the building and Ladies should use the facilities in the Front Foyer.

The disabled toilet will be available for those requiring it.

Use of the toilet facilities is restricted to ONE person at a time.

Please sanitise the toilet seat, flush button/lever and sink taps after use. Sanitising fluid and cloths will be provided.

Personal Hygiene

Please wash/sanitise your hands on entering and exiting the building and also at regular intervals (especially after handling any equipment, using the toilet facilties or touching doors/windows).

Hand sanitiser will be available at several locations throughout the Arts Centre, including the toilets and entrance/exit.


When climatic conditions allow, windows and doors should be left open to maximise the circulation of fresh air through the building.

Please remember to close them at the end of the class!

Leaving the Arts Centre

Please ensure that any Arts Centre equipment (Chairs, Tables, Whiteboards, Pianos etc) that have been used are sanitised before leaving.

Please sanitise any windows and door handles that have been used before leaving.

Remember to take any personal equipment and refreshments back home with you.

Don’t forget to lock up!

Reporting Problems

If you wish to report any problems or have any concerns about compliance with these procedures then please report these (confidentially) to the Arts Centre Management. Contact details will be displayed in the Foyer.


Notes on General Cleaning

Please note that the general fabric of the Arts Centre will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before any classes commence. This clean will include toilet facilities, door handles and floors.

Additional cleaning of the general fabric will be carried out in the evenings/mornings between classes.

However, it is not possible to provide resources to clean between classes during the day; therefore it is important that each class sanitises the equipment, windows and doors used by them before leaving the building.