About Deborah

I first tried yoga when I was in my teens watching Lynne Marshall on television getting her books (and the tights!) and trying the postures at home and taking local classes.

For the next err… `few` years I was very intermittent, dipping in and out of class and bits of home practice, but about 13 years ago I turned back to Yoga believing it may help with some of  life’s ups and downs.
I found classes at my local leisure centre in Bollington and as one class a week turned into two or more and regular class attendance turned into daily home practise, I began more and more to want to share the benefits I was experiencing. This led me to start my teacher training with Yogacampus enabling me to move into sharing this wonderful practice of yoga with confidence. I believe there is a yoga practice to suit everybody and once on the yoga path it will be there for you whatever life may throw up in front of you.
As well as teaching yoga I am a practicing fine artist and a computer games environment artist. As an artist I find my yoga practice a wonderful place to explore my creativity. It also provides a valuable antidote to hours sitting at a computer work station.